Drawing Manga with your Android Phone* and Huion Tablet model: Kamvas 13

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🇸🇬 13 years old, Singapore girl ( Instagram @Mochii2008)
enjoy manga drawing with her Huion Kamvas 13 ( Violet Purple ).
👍 Conveniently connected directly to her Android phone* without a Laptop.😱😱
🚩 Thanks to technology, now she is able to focus more on her creativity on bigger view screen, draw directly on LCD screen surface.
📌 With HUION, digital drawing are simply possible with your Android* phone, Laptop, PC or Mac.

  • 13 inch LCD monitor display tablet
  • Draw directly on screen.
  • Connect directly to: Android* / PC / Laptop and Mac
  • No more extra power source needed in connection with Laptop and MacBook
  • The tablet simply use the require power from Laptop
  • Easy to bring along with your laptop for group discussion at coffee shop
  • Bring it to beach, sea side where external power source is not available
  • Easily connect to power bank, travel charger to save your laptop power
  • Optional full feature Type-C cable is needed for connection your Android phone
  • Local warranty is only given to customers who buy from this local store and this website
  • Talk to us, clear your doubt, meet our friendly HuionSingapore team

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Huion Inspiroy 2 M with 8 Keys and 1 scroller Portable Drawing Pen Tablet Battery-free Pen with PenTech 3.0

SGD $95.00
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Product Details
Brand: HUION
warranty: 1 Year Local Singapore Warranty
tablet color: Black

Product details of Huion Inspiroy 2 M with 8 Keys and 1 scroller Portable Drawing Pen Tablet Battery-free Pen with PenTech 3.0 | SG Stocks

✅ Inspiroy 2 M is available in pine green and black.

✅ Similar to a mouse scroll wheel, the customizable Scroller is very handy.

✅ One key can perform three functions. Group Keys are designed for managing your workflow.

✅ A rougher panel gives you a natural and paper-like writing experience.

✅ The battery-free pen PW110 features Huion PenTech 3.0 technology to improve drawing stability.

✅ Left-handed artists can also immerse themselves in creation with 180° rotation.

✅ It's compact size and light weight make the pen tablet easy to carry.

✅ OS compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, Android, and HarmonyOS.


Color:Black,Pine Green

Dimension:306 x 180 x 7.5~9.5mm

Working Area:221 x 138mm (8.7 x 5.4inch)

Net Weight:420g



📌Technical Specifications

Digital Pen:PW110

Pen Technology:Battery-free EMR

Pen Resolution:5080 LPI

Pressure Sensitivity:8192 Levels

Tilt Support:±60°

Sensing Height:>10mm

Report Rate:>260PPS


Press Keys:8 Programmable Press Keys+3 Group Keys+Scroller


Automatic Sleep:-

Wireless Connectivity:-

Communication Distance:-

Charge Time:-

Battery Life:-

Battery Capacity:-

📌OS Compatibility

Windows 7 or later

macOS 10.12 or later

ChromeOS 88 or later

Android 6.0 or later

Linux(Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)

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