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Huion Singapore Battery-free Slim Pen PW550S [Compatible with Huion pen tablets and displays that use PW517] SG Stocks

SGD $78.00
In stock
Product Details
Brand: HUION

Product details of Battery-free Slim Pen PW550S

PenTech 3.0+

Better Pressure Sensitivity

PW550S is equipped with the latest Huion PenTech 3.0+ technology, providing better pressure sensitivity and allowing you to control the thickness of drawing lines. With the tilt function, the strokes will appear more closely to how they would be by using a real pen.

Slim Body

Hold It Like a Pencil

The 9.5mm diameter of the pen body makes PW550S more pencil-like and good for reducing hand fatigue. It鈥檚 highly recommended to traditional artists and people who have intensive workloads.


Drawing without Parallax

Featuring a slightly smaller pen head and pen nib, PW550S can effectively avoid parallax caused by the distance between the pen nib and the cursor on your display and enable you to dive fully into the creation.

Felt Nibs

More Natural Drawing Experience

PW550S supports felt nib replacement to add rougher texture during long writing sessions. We recommend you use a felt nib to increase friction if you want a more natural and rougher drawing experience.

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What's in the box

路 PW550S 脳 1

路 Pen Nibs PN06 脳 5

路 Felt Nibs PN06F 脳 5


Dimension: 157.5 x 桅9.5mm

Net Weight: 12.5g

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