Drawing Manga with your Android Phone* and Huion Tablet model: Kamvas 13

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πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ 13 years old, Singapore girl ( Instagram @Mochii2008)
enjoy manga drawing with her Huion Kamvas 13 ( Violet Purple ).
πŸ‘ Conveniently connected directly to her Android phone* without a Laptop.😱😱
🚩 Thanks to technology, now she is able to focus more on her creativity on bigger view screen, draw directly on LCD screen surface.
πŸ“Œ With HUION, digital drawing are simply possible with your Android* phone, Laptop, PC or Mac.

  • 13 inch LCD monitor display tablet
  • Draw directly on screen.
  • Connect directly to: Android* / PC / Laptop and Mac
  • No more extra power source needed in connection with Laptop and MacBook
  • The tablet simply use the require power from Laptop
  • Easy to bring along with your laptop for group discussion at coffee shop
  • Bring it to beach, sea side where external power source is not available
  • Easily connect to power bank, travel charger to save your laptop power
  • Optional full feature Type-C cable is needed for connection your Android phone
  • Local warranty is only given to customers who buy from this local store and this website
  • Talk to us, clear your doubt, meet our friendly HuionSingapore team

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